2005_08_nypdrecruit.jpgThe Suffolk County DA's office believes that the NYPD cadet who plotted to kill his girlfriend may have wanted to prevent her from telling anyone about his "shady past." Kabeer Din, a Long Island resident who is being held on $1.5 million bond/$150,000 cash bail, had just started the city's police academy after some time with Baltimore's police department when the NYPD's Internal Affairs found out that Din was looking for a hit man. When an undercover detective posing as a contract killer met with Din, the rookie apparently wondered about disgraced "Mafia Cops" Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa, asking, "Is there some kind of unofficial connection between police types and mob types?" Which is certainly weird, as Eppolito and Caracappa are on trial (still!) for carrying out murders for the mob. Anyway, as it's unclear what Din's "shady past" might be, another hypothesis for the murderous plot is that Din was mad his girlfriend turned down his marriage proposal. His sister, Anjma Hussain, said that her brother was a "devout Muslim" and that the allegations were not true, emphasizing that he wouldn't even date a woman the family didn't know.

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