Feeling lazy and not really into work after the long holiday weekend? You're in good company as the atmosphere seems to be in the same mood. The surface high pressure system that gave us the absolutely stunning weather this weekend has moved offshore and that will bring two or three days of hot and humid conditions. It's a generic summer forecast today, with a high near 90 in the city, slightly warmer than that in New Jersey and, thanks to an afternoon sea breeze, only the mid 80s along the south-facing shore. The sea breeze is going to half-assedly try to get a few convective clouds brewing this afternoon but it doesn't look like they will amount to much. The same is true for whatever clouds develop as a weak trough pushes through the Catskills this afternoon.

Tomorrow promises to be a wee bit warmer and slightly more humid. That will push Tuesday's high to the very sticky low 90s and the heat index to reach the mid to upper 90s. Despite the increase in heat and humidity there doesn't seem to be much in the disorganized, slacker air mass to get convection started. Still we can't discount a chance of isolated showers or thunderstorms tomorrow evening, especially west of the city.

Showers and thunderstorms are more likely to happen on Wednesday as a slow-moving cold front finally passes through the region. Thursday and especially Friday are looking really nice behind the cold front. Look for highs in the low 80s and a significant drop in humidity before the whole cycle starts repeating again over the weekend.