2008_09_hasidics.jpgAn unusual incident occurred in Williamsburg yesterday when a man was surrounded and detained by a group of two dozen Hasidics after causing a disruption in a local store and knocking the hat off a 13-year-old boy. In an article in today's NY Post (titled "Vigilante Oyz in the 'Hood"), the paper reports that the man allegedly came into Division Mini Mart on Clymer Street, threw two watermelons to the ground and began cursing at the storekeeper yelling, "I hate Jews! You should all die!" As he left the store, he swatted off the black fedora of a nearby Orthodox boy. Outside he was then brought down to the ground and surrounded by members of Shomrim, a volunteer community patrol. However, once cops did arrive, no one in the group would come forward to press charges against the man and he was let go. The man told cops that he was sorry and didn't mean it.