Franklin Reyes, the unlicensed driver accused of fatally striking a four-year-old while escaping the police last year, really has a thing for fleeing. Last week, he was arrested for driving without a license and leading police on a car and foot chase. And on Friday, he was taken to the hospital while complaining about chest pains—only to try fleeing from cops on foot.

The News reports that Reyes, 18, was brought to the New York-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan emergency room after complaining of chest pains. After he was cleared to leave, he tried running off as an officer led him to a Correction Department van.

A source said he ran "like a bat out of hell," despite his alleged chest pains. He was caught by cops after a 10-15 minute foot chase. "There was nothing wrong with him," the source added. "He ran like there was no tomorrow."

Reyes is currently on trial for manslaughter after he fatally ran over 4-year-old Ariel Russo as she walked to school with her grandmother. Reyes, who only had his learner's permit, also attempted to evade police during the June 2013 accident; he sped away from officers, jumped a curb, and pinned Russo to a building. Her grandmother was seriously injured in the accident.

Reyes and his 45-year-old father are also accused of stealing over $2,000 worth of property and cash from the Chelsea apartment of an elderly woman who had recently succumbed to brain cancer.

Reyes was out on bail up until last week, when he was stopped by police in Washington Heights for failing to signal a turn. When officers approached Reyes, the teen sped off, dragging an officer 100 feet; he then hit another car, almost struck a pedestrian, and eventually tried fleeing on foot before he was apprehended by the NYPD.

Before the last two incidents, Reyes was on the verge of getting a deal from the judge in the manslaughter case. He offered Reyes a maximum of four years in prison and a chance for the case to be forever sealed. It's unclear whether the latest incidents will change that deal; if so, he could spend up to 15 years in prison if convicted.