Yesterday, the driver who struck two teens walking to high school in Brooklyn was he man who hit two teenagers as they were walking to school yesterday was charged with driving while intoxicated, vehicular assault, and driving without a license. And the judge at the arraignment seemed very disgusted with driver Oliver Black.

According to the Daily News, Black's lawyer was trying to get his client's bail lowered from $150,000, saying, "It doesn't say that he was speeding, that he blew any lights or anything like that. That would be seriously reckless. It is an accident." But Justice Devin Cohen noted, "Your client drank enough to blow a .132 [on a Breathalyzer test] and then got ... behind the wheel of a car - and that is not considered reckless? He was driving with a suspended license, allegedly driving drunk. The defendant has a felony and 26 misdemeanors."

Black's SUV also didn't have license plates or registration. The 17-year-olds teens who were struck, Brian Rosario and Elizabeth Lopez, were both injured: Rosario is recovering from surgery for a broken leg and Lopez, "suffered severe head trauma and a busted jaw," is in intensive care.