Yesterday morning, a man wielding a knife with a 13-inch blade slashed a man just outside the 109th Precinct in Flushing, Queens. Construction worker Armando Ferreira was slashed in the back and in the arm and then ran into the station, only to be followed by attacker Armando Torres who also tried to slash Ferreira's friend.

The NY Times reports that a community affairs started to say, "Can I help you?" and that a switchboard operator yelled, "Knife! Knife!" Three officers fired at Torres, who was hit twice. Stephen Squerciati, who was filing a complaint at the station, said he heard the cops ask Torres to drop his knife, "It was very quick - I heard three shots. He must have been on drugs or something to go into the precinct with a knife ... he looked like he was out of his mind."

According to the Post, that Torres is in stable condition, but is being kept in a medically induced coma. Police suspect Torres, an unemployed landscaper, was drinking before the attack; his roommate told the Post, "He's crazy when he drinks." And it does not appear that Torres knew Ferreira, who was treated and released for his wounds. Ferreira said, "I heard a lot of yelling from the police and demands from them that he drop the knife. For me, they did their job to protect people...I feel lucky to be OK... This is a new life."