Republican presidential candidate has had a rough few weeks: First, he was upstaged by an empty chair at the RNC. Then he botched a response to Middle East violence. Next, a video him bitching and moaning about 47% of America being total slacker-mooches surfaced. And, finally, accusations that he applied bronzer so he could appeal to Latino voters in a discussion on Univision. Now Univision is trying to answer questions about Tan-gate.

Univision asked the veteran makeup artist, Lazz Rodriguez, about the powder and concealer he used on Romney.

"When he walked in, I remember thinking, 'Wow this is tanner than I thought he was,' but I think he's just been outside a lot lately for his campaign," Rodriguez noted. "It was definitely a real tan... Clinton was definitely the fairest-skinned of politicians I've worked with. But Romney was a lot darker than I expected," he said.

Rodriguez says that his makeup of choice for the evening was MAC NW30, a medium-range loose powder that he applies to "cut the glare" of stage lights.

Univision actually sent staffers to a MAC store to try on the shade—while it was a little dark on the lightest skin-colored staffers, "even when we caked the stuff on, NW30 wasn't notably dark on a range of skin tones under harsh lights."

So the consensus is that Romney...needs to wear better sunblock? At least this finally explains his affinity for Snooki!