A performer with the UniverSoul Circus was rushed to the hospital after falling nearly 40 feet to the ground during a performance during a performance in Mount Vernon on Saturday afternoon, according to multiple reports.

According to CBS2, one of the performers was inside a cage during the Wheel of Death segment of the show, when he suddenly fell almost 40 feet to the ground and landed near the audience. Other circus cast members distracted kids with "Simon Says" while the performer was removed from the scene and brought o a local hospital. An example of the Wheel of Death can be seen below:

Mount Vernon Fire Commissioner Teddy Beale told LoHud.com that EMS on scene reacted quickly, and that the performer was in stable condition. Circus Operations Manager Danny Rodriguez told the site that the performer was able to move all of his extremities after he was taken to the hospital.

"It was so fast. He jumped to reach the other wheel and he missed it and landed on the floor," one witness told LoHud.