Union Square SubwayThe subway station at Union Square has the distinction of actually having a police station inside, besides the 4, 5, 6, L, N, R, Q, and W trains. While some view the police presence as reason to get a little protesty, Gothamist notes that there is good to having the police at the station, after reading two subway stories. On Monday afternoon, a man groped a woman and her daughter on a downtown 4 train that left Grand Central; the woman was able to tell the police who arrested the guy right there. Then yesterday, a man fainted and fell into the tracks of the uptown 6 in front of train that had stopped there. Two onlookers jumped down and told the train not to move while other people called for the police; a rookie cop jumped down and bandaged the 49 year old man's head until more police could come and help him hoist out the man.

The Union Square subway station is also louder than most subway stops.