L TrainIt's safe to say that high on the list of any New Yorker's worst nightmares is being pushed in front of a subway. Yesterday, a man was shoved in front of an oncoming train at the Union Square L train stop at 7:45AM. According to Newsday, the victim, 28, was only suffered "bumps and bruises" and his attacker fled the scene: Police said the victim had argued with another man, believed to be in his late teens or early 20s, on a crowded platform. The victim was then pushed him into the train, causing him to fall to the platform. The Daily News interviews the victim, a trader on his morning commute from Brooklyn.

As the L train was named the best train in the subway system yesterday by the Straphangers, the group had to make a statement regarding this incident: While the findings were accurate, "it's totally wrong to assault someone." Gothamist is glad to know where the Straphangers stand on the whole "shoving someone into the subway tracks."