Yesterday, the Mayor, City Council, and Parks Department announced a $14 million project to renovate Union Square Park, with focus on the north end. According to the City, the project will include "unification and expansion of two existing playgrounds, a year-round restaurant and a decoratively paved plaza for the Greenmarket farmer’s market and public event." Yes, Luna Park, the outdoor restaurant near the "dilapdated" Pavilion will be replaced by a restaurant. This decision was questioned by some parks advocates, asking why the City needed another restaurant instead of more playground space, but Gothamist knows the hardest hit may be the skateboarders who like that northern plaza. The $14 million project was helped out by a $5 million donation from a private donor; the Mayor only said it was not him.

Learn more about Union Square from the Union Square Partnership, and Gothamist Food had an image of what the Greenmarket is like. And there are other greenmarkets all around the city; here's where they are (Gothamist Food on the Borough Hall one).