2005_10_lunapark.jpgGroups of citizens and politicians are gearing up to fight Union Square's planned restaurant on the north end. Protesters claim that the city should increase the amount of play space, instead of putting in Luna Park, which is part of the city's $14 million plan to restore the park. NY1 reports state Senator Thomas Duane as saying, "What is one thing we don't need in this neighborhood? Another incredibly expensive restaurant." Or does the Parks Department sense that the neighborhood will be willing to fork over dough for incredibly expensive cocktails on hot summer nights that can help fund other initiatives? The Parks Department says the restaurant won't be open all year, but officials are still reworking plans. The Villager's article harkens back to the park's protest past: Apparently the north end is where the first Labor Day demonstration took place in 1882.

Luna Park was integral in a first season episode of Sex and the City: Carrie and Mr. Big quarrel about whether or not they were supposed to meet on the south or north side of the restaurant.