Filing a lawsuit against the MTA is like the thing to do! The biggest transit union filed a suit saying the West Side railyards bidding should be reopened because the MTA perhaps didn't get enough money out of it. And the Straphangers Campaign and Tri-State Transportation Campaign, plus the NY chapter of Common Cause, are joining the suit. While it sucks to be MTA Chairman Kalikow (or NYC Transit President Reuter), Gothamist imagines that the MTA's lawyers are feasting on this like a fatted calf, given what they have to do with Cablevision's lawsuit. We're curious how far the courts will let these lawsuits go, as well as how effective the arguments each side makes will be...perhaps it'll be the International Olympic Committee's summer announcement of the 2012 venue that will really put the screws in for one side, as the NYC bid is contingent on a West Side Jets Stadium.

And fun fact: State Senator Eric Schneiderman, who is part of the lawsuit, also tried to sue the MTA in 2003 to roll back the 50-cent fare hike!