2006_5_health_aidsmarch.jpgAs you wolf down your Boca Burgers, Tofu Pups, and PBR on this beautiful Memorial Day, take a moment to think about the soldiers lost over the centuries so you could do so without having to speak British English or German. And as you wearily head back to work this week, think about another fallen group – the 15 million that have died of AIDS since 2001.

While world leaders gather at the UN this Wednesday for yet another special session on the disease, a massive demonstration will be taking place in the streets outside. Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the first diagnosis of AIDS, thousands are expected to hit the streets on May 31st to protest a paltry effort by world leaders towards preventing and treating HIV. Gothamist Health remembers attendings in medical school talking about working in San Francisco in the early 80s and seeing patients who came into clinics with this strange disease pattern that no one knew anything about. While education and medical research have come a long way since, the 25 million new infections over the past 5 years say otherwise.


The event kicks off with a 1 pm rally at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (47th / 1st) with many renowned activists speaking, including actress Rosie Perez. This is to be followed by a 2 pm march to the UN missions of Uganda, India, Nigeria, and the US. Demonstrators will be clad in the famous anti-stigma “HIV-POSITIVE” t-shirts to stand strong with the 40 million HIV infected people around the world.

For more information visit ungassaction.org.