Tribute in Light, taken on September 11, 2004

A couple people have asked Gothamist if we knew what were those things flying in the Tribute in Light lights on this past September 11. Gothamist was pretty close - Chambers Street and Greenwich - but we couldn't figure out if they were birds or some sort of large debris - they seemed to swirl in and out, sort of in a pattern, but maybe not. Some people have wondered if they were bugs, but we felt that they would have to be bugs the size of cats. Luckily, Keith at Overshadowed has a photograph that seems to confirm the elements not avian but something like long strips of paper fluttering; updated: Keith points out his photo was a long exposure shot and says this one from Tozzer is more accurate...good to know, but again, not birds...we don't think.

Now the question is were these put there deliberately?

The city's photos of the Tribute in Light.