Patrick Lynch, the president of the NYPD's largest union, is urging his 23,000 officers to police New York City differently in order to send a message to anarcho-syndicalists like Bill de Blasio, who has publicly suggested that there could be room for slight improvement (emphasis on slight) within the seventh biggest army in the world. At a catering hall in Queens last Friday, Lynch told cops they should use "extreme discretion" against their "enemies" in City Hall.

Is that a threat? It sounds threatening! Capital obtained an audio recording of Lynch's speech—we have not had the chance to listen to it, but as you read the excerpts you can almost hear him banging his shoe on the lectern to punctuate his cryptic remarks:

If we won’t get support when we do our jobs, if we’re going to get hurt for doing what’s right then we’re going to do it the way they want it. Let me be perfectly clear. We will use extreme discretion in every encounter... Our friends, we’re courteous to them. Our enemies, extreme discretion. The rules are made by them to hurt you. Well now we’ll use those rules to protect us.

Courtesy, Professionalism, Xtreme Discretion?

It seems like Lynch is saying that cops will enforce the letter of the law against perceived enemies, and only extend courtesy to their "friends." Champagne for the NYPD's real friends, real pain for their sham friends. Where was all this abundance of discretion when the PBA decided to type up a form letter for a "Fuck You" From The Afterlife?

Lynch, who moonlights as a brand ambassador for Mountain Dew X-Treme, also referred to Mayor de Blasio as a revolutionary. "He is not running the city of New York," Lynch says. "He thinks he’s running a fucking revolution." Totally.

Lynch said some other provocative shit at the gathering and was rewarded with applause and cheering and the first sip of blood from the ceremonial Schoolcraft Skull Chalice. You can read more of his EXTREME ranting on Capital, or just enjoy this CRAZY Van Halen shred-fest. Your call.