Unemployment Rate; Graphic - CNNThe unemployment rate. Climbing. Again. Sigh. According to CNN, many workers who have been unemployed for an extended period have stopped looking, and when they reenter, they are once again counted as part of the unemployed, causing the rate to rise. Other facts that make Gothamist glad we're employed:
- 1.9 million people have been unemployed 27 weeks or more, meaning many of them have exhausted their unemployment benefits; 43.2 percent of all unemployed workers have exhausted their benefits
- According to the Labor Department, add the workers "marginally attached" to the labor force -- out of work and not looking for work -- to all those working part-time and those unemployed and looking for work, the unemployment rate rises to 9.7 percent.

We're also fascinated by this case of the woman who worked for Reuters in NY, moved to Florida to follow her husband who was transferred, but continued to work for Reuters by telecommuting. Reuters wanted to consolidate, and offered her a job back in NY but she refused and quit. Then she tried to claim unemployment in NY, because Florida said she should try claiming NY benefits. Reuters felt she left work voluntarily, so she sued... read it for yourself. That argument the telecommuter was making seemed a little nutty, but maybe we're just scared of NY's Department of Labor.