nyccabs1208.jpgLike Melissa Plaut before them, it's being reported that "thousands of New York City residents laid off in the financial crisis have turned to driving taxis." One problem: now there are too many cabbies and not enough cabs. Harlem Yellow Cab says they're "sending people home every shift without a car. It's a very bad situation." City officials report 45,805 taxicab drivers, 13,000 taxis, and "the number of new hack licenses the city issued rose 19% in the past three months." The Daily News points towards one driver, who turned to the profession a few months ago after being a successful realtor and mortgage broker for 20 years. He told them he wanted to remain anonymous for the article: "not because I am ashamed, or embarrassed, but my children are. We are very well-known in our community and lived a good life for so many years." But with the economic crisis hitting just about everyone, are people even taking cabs anymore?