Like a butterfly landing on the tip of your nose, the moment to catch a pair of boxer briefs allegedly worn by Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin was fleeting. With an opening bid of $1,000, one incredulous eBay seller was hoping to cash in on the recent spate of Lin-sanity sweeping the nation, offering up a pair of Lin's boxer briefs from his Harvard days.

Alas, the item was removed from eBay before a single bid was placed. Claimed the seller, "My brothers friend went to Harvard and was in the same dorm, got his boxers from the dryer on accident. Got them from him for $100 because hes stupid. Buy now and these could be worth alot in the future [sic]." If that wasn't enough to convince you that these skivvies are authentic, nothing will! The seller didn't offer much more information and has a less than stellar 60% positive feedback on his account. It's a shame because word on the street is that return on investment has reached a record high for previously-owned undergarments.

Lin's fledgling career has folks scrambling to get a piece of memorabilia—someone paid $13,800 for an Erie BayHawks jersey he wore just once and his rookie card went for $21,580. Surely a used pair of underwear lacking adequate provenance would have been able to compete.

While Lin allegedly prefers a combination of the two, we still don't know whether Michael Jordan wears boxers or briefs and perhaps we never will.

And some more LINks to tide you over: