A group of models hit the streets of SoHo in their underwear yesterday, turning heads and cameras alike. They ran around the streets near Crosby St. and Broadway, jumping over and around boxes and crates, while being videotaped by filmmaker Jason Stein for Desigual. The company's rep said they were not shooting an underwear commercial though.

According to the Daily News, gawkers, mawkers, pedestrians and hanger-ons were encouraged to take pictures. Nick Gannascoli, 40, enjoyed it: "It is like being at the beach but in Manhattan. A little beauty never hurt anybody." Not that you can please everyone; Gina Curatolo, a 46-year-old Canadian tourist, said, "This is a disgrace. Everything has to be taken to the 10th degree." We respectfully disagree, ma'am. FYI—the gallery is all SFW, since everyone's in their skivvies.