To be an undercover cop! The NYPD conducted a special sting - "Operation Exposure" - to find subway pervs and over the two week period, over 13 people were arrested for "rubbing, grabbing and flashing women." The NYPD Transit Bureau chief said subway pervery is "a heavy quality of life crime," and that riders were thankful when the men were arrested. A team of four female undercover officers were "dressed as any other woman on the subway" and nabbed jerks for "forcible touching" and "public lewdness." (There was also a grand larceny arrest.) One woman said, "It happens a lot but women don't tell anyone. It's about time they did something about it because there's a lot of perverts around." Word. And the Post has the best lede: "Subway gropers, beware - next time you cop a feel, you might be feeling a cop."

There are shout-outs in the coverage to the HollaBack blog and Thao Nguyen, who snapped an particularly infamous subway lewdness incident.