A 49-year-old handyman who was up from Pennsylvania visiting his sick mother in Clinton Hill was shot last night by an undercover cop in a separate drug bust that went awry. Shem Walker had just finished cooking his family dinner when he told them that was going out to buy cigarettes in the Brooklyn neighborhood around 8 p.m.

Details still seem unclear, but according to the Post, the father of two "confronted a plainclothes officer from the Brooklyn North Narcotics squad." The News says that Walker hit the cop with an unknown object while the officer was serving as a backup on a nearby drug sting. There is no indication that Walker was carrying a gun when he was shot by the officer in the head and the chest. A witness told the Post, "We heard a low mumbling sound, like someone was talking to someone.Then we heard 'No, don't!' and then we heard a gun shot."

Walker, a 15-year retired army veteran, was visiting his mother at a brownstone the family owned at 370 Lafayette Avenue. He worked as a handyman and sometimes did work on the house. His sister said, "He was a good person. He really was. He had a heart of gold." His brother called him "the greatest guy in the world."

Internal Affairs and the Brooklyn DA are investigating the shooting. The Times has received several reports from nearby locals, one of whom wrote, "Dude looked pretty dead, laying out for a few minutes with a couple cops standing around, then about 30 cops after 5 minutes."