Last month, a group of motorcyclists were accused of brutally beating an SUV driver who collided with at least one rider. Now the Daily News breaks news that 11 motorcyclists, including one undercover police officer, have been charged and indicted for the incident—and all but one of them are reportedly facing gang assault charges and possibly decades in prison.

SUV driver Alexian Lien told the court that a motorcyclist smashed the window of his car with his helmet, then five or six other motorcyclists dragged him out of the car and attacked him, kicking him in the head as he tried to crawl to safety. Lien, who was beaten in full view of his wife and child, suffered two black eyes, multiple cuts that required stitches, and injuries to his back, hands, and right shoulder.

Among those motorcyclists allegedly involved in the attack was NYPD Det. Wojciech Braszczok, who had previously gone undercover with Occupy Wall Street, and who now faces up to 25 years behind bars if convicted on the top charge.

Christopher Cruz was the only motorcyclist not charged with gang assault—he was the cyclist who was seen on video getting rear-ended by Lien. However, prosecutors believe he let himself purposefully be hit by his car, and he faces felony level criminal mischief charges and up to four years in prison.