The Manhattan DA has upgraded charges against the NYPD detective who allegedly participated in a motorcycle mob's assault on an SUV driver on September 29th. Detective Wojciech Braszczok, 32, was arrested last night and charged with riot and criminal mischief. But at his arraignment today an additional charge of first degree gang assault was added. And the NY Post reports that this is Braszczok's Twitter handle, which features a photo of the ten-year veteran with a mohawk—perhaps styled as part of his infiltration of Occupy Wall Street.

According to the criminal complaint, Braszczok, 32, is seen on a video wearing a black vest with "Front Line Soldiers" and "New Rochelle, NY" written on the back. The video allegedly shows him striking the rear window of victim Alexian Lien's Range Rover, breaking the window. He then allegedly kicked the passenger side of the vehicle. The complaint states that Braszczok is not seen joining in the group that kicks and stomps on Lien. Prosecutors say they tracked him down from a license plate seen in the video, and the back of his jacket said "WOJTEK."

In addition to what appears to be Braszczok's Twitter page, there's a Photobucket account associated with the same Twitter handle (@Evovillen) that's chock full of amateur NSFW photos of multiple women, as well as motorcycles and half-naked selfies. It also appears that Braszczok used his Twitter handle as part of his undercover Occupy Wall Street assignment; in one tweet from April of last year he allegedly wrote, "Come join us in spring training by occupying the stock exchange today at 2:30pm. Hope to see you there."

A search for the Twitter handle also yields what may be Braszczok's profile on the dating site, where he expressed an interest in meeting "girls 18-34." Occupy Wall Street protesters say he went by the name "Al" when participating in their actions and planning. Braszczok, who waited several days before informing supervisors of his alleged involvement with the high-profile assault, was being held on $100,000 bail but was expected to post bail today.

Braszczok's attorney had previously argued that his client arrived at the scene after the assault was over, and also that Braszczok did not intervene because he was worried about blowing his cover. But Braszczok was off-duty at the time, and his many social media motorcycle photos suggest that he is a motorcycle enthusiast who was participating in the illegal ride for recreation, not as part of his job.

Another alleged participant in the assault, Clint Caldwell, was also arrested today and charged with gang assault. He is the sixth biker to be arrested and charged so far, and police sources have said that more arrests—including arrests of other off-duty cops—are forthcoming.

“In the last few days, serious charges have been brought against several defendants in last Sunday’s attack," said Erin Duggan, a spokesperson for the Manhattan DA. "As we said from the beginning of the investigation, the NYPD and the District Attorney’s Office are methodically scrutinizing the evidence to build the strongest possible cases in our continuing effort to hold accountable those responsible."