"Snitches Get Stitches," so the saying goes. But the undercover NYPD officer whose work was largely responsible for the department's ticket-fixing woes has just been promoted. The Wall Street Journal reports that he has been bumped up a rank by Commissioner Ray Kelly at a "private ceremony." The now first-class detective had cut hair before becoming a cop, and was able to get a job at one of Jose Ramos' barbershops, where he was party to many an illicit conversation.

Ramos, a former PBA delegate and police officer, took flat-screen TVs in exchange for fixing tickets, and is one of the 16 NYPD employees indicted in the Bronx DA's ticket-fixing case. He has also been charged with running marijuana and stolen DVDs out of his barber shops, both named "Who's First," and allegedly participated in the theft of $20,000 from a motel room that was planted by police in a sting operation. Kelly told reporters that police investigators were “wrapping up their investigation of Ramos” when they happened to hear him talk about ticket-fixing, which then led them to plant the undercover in his barber shop.