Okay, so this dog-and-dog owner confrontation with the MTA (or The Man) wasn't as dramatic as the pug incident or as lawsuit-y as the poodle incident, but it's annoying just the same—especially to the Long Island Rail Road commuters whose train was held up! Newsday reports that an uncaged Pomeranian and her owner "delayed the 6:21 a.m. train from Speonk almost 20 minutes at Babylon so Metropolitan Transportation Authority police could escort the woman, her two companions and the dog from the train."

The trouble began when the three-pound dog's owner and her friends refused to pay extra because they were using off-peak tickets during the on-peak westbound train to Babylon. Then the conductor "noticed the dog, which was not in a cage... LIRR rules say animals must be 'properly confined for shipment.'" Enter the cops!

The resolutions: The humans agreed to pay additional money for traveling during on-peak hours and the cops "arranged for a special dispensation for the dog so the woman could get to a doctor's appointment in Jamaica." The party got on a later train.