2006_04_robertmosesplayg.jpgThe U.N. is not going ahead with its plans to build a temporary office tower in Midtown while its headquarters is being renovated. Originally, Mayor Bloomberg had proposed building a new, temporary headquarters for the world body over Robert Moses playground near its current building, however approvals and construction timing seem to be issues. Instead, the U.N. will look to rent space in Midtown (7 World Trade Center had been reviewed, but the U.N. thought it would be too long a commute for officials based in Midtown). Well, some lucky broker will hit the jackpot is there's 200,000 square feet of space around. Ah, remember when the U.N. was thinking about moving to Brooklyn for a spell? It's still in play, according to their report, since Brooklyn is the least expensive.

And the U.S. government has final approval of any U.N. renovation plans - and has only approved $23.5 million of the over $1 billion the U.N. needs. Mayor Bloomberg is also still pushing another Turtle Bay tower on them - this is almost as messy at Freedom Tower!