roses.jpgAn 80-year-old woman was robbed of $75,000 by two men posing as flower delivery guys more than a week ago. The two men fooled the Lower East Side woman into letting them into her apartment by telling her they had a floral delivery for her, showing her a dozen roses. They then bound her with tape and ransacked her apartment. Connie Nieves said the thieves made off with her and her husband's life savings.

The reason Nieves had that much money squirreled away in her apartment is that she and her husband were planning on opening a restaurant. She suspects that the men were sent by someone at a neighborhood bakery, where her husband had talked about their plans and the cash he was keeping at home. $60,00 was earmarked by the couple to start their new restaurant and $15,000 was reserved to pay of Nieves' funeral expenses.

Mike Rodrigues, who is Nieve's 65-year-old husband, returned home while police were questioning the traumatized woman. She promptly started berating him for not putting their money in a bank. "It seems like a lie. I can't feel safe in my apartment."