If this was the week you were thinking about finally signing up for that Driver's Ed class in midtown, think again. The UN General Assembly will be causing a clogged-up rut all around the center of the city, starting tomorrow and lasting all the way through Thursday. The worst of it will be on 42nd Street and 57th Streets, closed from 5th Avenue all the way over to 1st and 2nd Aves, respectively. Second Avenue between 42nd and 57th will be shut down for traffic that aren't emergency vehicles as well. And if you think taking the FDR will help you avoid the mess, think again. It'll be closed in both directions intermittently from 63rd Street to the South Ferry.

President Obama will be in town for all four days of the Assembly and the Clinton Global initiative. The city's website has a full list of closings, including which blocks directly around the UN on 1st Ave and the 40s will be accessible. We're guessing that Queensboro Bridge is likely to be a mess throughout the week as well. Basically, buy a weekly Metrocard tonight before getting caught on a heinous line at your station tomorrow morning.