2005_09_un.jpgThe United Nations has launched effort to say sorry to New Yorkers. But the U.N. is not apologizing for oil-for-food or for delegates who don't pay their parking tickets (it's city revenue!): They are apologizing for the gridlock that will come with next week's World Summit. And they want to let New Yorkers know that serious stuff is going to be discussed. Hmm, we wonder if the UN's consulting firm told them to make this pre-emptive ad blitz after Donald Trump went to Congress last July to complain about the UN's development plans. But, really, people just want to know if Angelina Jolie will make an appearance.

There will subway, bus and TV advertising that say things like "If we work to protect global human rights, will you forgive us for the traffic?" or "We apologize for the gridlock. But hopefully we'll break through a little political gridlock." The AP also says the TV ads will have actors play "everyday New Yorkers" who give speeches at the General Assembly. Example, Ray Hernandez from Brooklyn says, "Today, I come here to ask you for two things. First, end world hunger. Second, if I could score some of those diplomatic license plates, that'd be cool. It took like 40 minutes to park coming here today."

Aw, the United Nations doesn't have to apologize to New York for traffic - just other out-of-towners who don't understand the concept "no turn on red" should. The World Summit begins next Wednesday. Here's information about UN tours - and the Delegates' Dining Room is a must-go (Newyorkology on the Dining Room).