2007_09_nychousingdata.jpgA follow-up to the Census Bureau's data that most New Yorkers rent: The NY Times crunched the Census data and found that, yes, a "large percentages of residents see more of their income go to their mortgages and rents."

The Times has a chart that shows that 31% of Brooklyn homeowners spend more than half their incomes on mortgages while almost 33% of Bronx renters spend more than half their incomes on rent. There's also the example of 32-year-old single mother Zulma Solorzano whose "life has become a series of small sacrifices," since her rent is $790/month while she's paid $645 every two weeks as a part-time teacher.

More and more foreclosures have been seen in Brooklyn, while the Bronx has become where renters priced out of Brooklyn, Queens and Upper Manhattan flee. The Times finds the median rent in the Bronx to be $826; the city's median rent is now $945/month, up $36 dollars from 2001 (median rent in Manhattan is $1,081).

NY1 conducted a poll where 80% of respondents who have lived in the city for 15 year or more say that their rent is higher than ever. Plus, most people "of every economic, racial and geographic group said they're giving up more of their paycheck to rent or mortgage."