Even though there are supposed to be some breaks in the rain today, Gothamist is not taking any chances and we're toting our umbrella with us everywhere. We're using a pretty non-descript, navy blue manual umbrella, but if we had our druthers, we'd be using this fantastic Spongebob Squarepants with 3-D handle umbrella. While Tibor Kalman's Sky Umbrella is understated, classy, and telegraphs that you know design, any umbrella that has a goofy face on it will make people smile in the horrid weather, even if you're in an under-the-scaffolding umbrella jousting match (Gothamist will close our umbrella, unless it's raining through the scaffolding). However, many city folk would prefer something like this Totes' Micron, which folds down to be 6 inches, perfect for pockets, purses, and European carryalls. But tomorrow is looking better! Hoorah!

Two umbrella links: Hamish Robertson's excellent Broken Umbrella Collection and the Museum of the Moving Image is showing the 1964 Jacques Demy film, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (starring Catherine Deneuve), this weekend!