rain_8th_03.jpgWhile the city is between rainfalls this morning, Gothamist would like to issue several reminders:

  • First, the sidewalks of New York are not the beach. Please do not use your six-foot wide beach umbrellas in the rain.
  • Second, though it pains shy New Yorkers to make eye contact, please do watch where you are going while using your umbrella.
  • Third, your outerwear and preciously coiffed head will survive thirty seconds of rainfall. Please do not stop half-way up the subway stairs to open your umbrella, especially if it is a beach-sized umbrella. Stopping on the stairs only serves to dampen and annoy your fellow subway riders and impedes the otherwise orderly ingress and egress to our vast underground transportation network.

Thank you, and onto the forecast (though the accuracy has been pretty low this week, we'll keep plugging away!):

There's a warm front parked just south of the city this morning, which is slowly moving northward over the next day. While that happens, a series of waves will run along the frontal boundary, kicking off rain showers when they are overhead. This morning's first wave produced over half an inch of rain. Another wave should arrive early this afternoon. The afternoon high will be around 50 degrees. With all the moisture there won't be any cooling tonight. Tomorrow's high may reach the mid- to upper-50s. Rain will mostly be confined to the morning hours tomorrow.

The sun returns, appropriately enough, on Sunday. It looks like Sunday's high will be in the mid-50s. The weather situation on Monday depends on whether the high pressure system in place by then is large enough to deflect a developing storm. The current best guess is that we'll see a mostly sunny and warm day.

8th St. subway station artwork photo by Gothamist