wxch_sfc413.jpgWe have a feeling yesterday's 1.38 inches of rain is going to look like child's play once this next storm gets through with us. First, let us digress to the good news. There may be a sprinkle or two this afternoon, but the weather today and tomorrow should otherwise be relatively pleasant. High temperatures both days will be in the mid-50s. That's cool for this time of year but an improvement over the last nine days, which have averaged ten degrees colder than normal.

There's so much going on with this next storm that Gothamist hardly knows where to begin. The take-away message is this: Sunday's weather is looking awful. The storm that's over west Texas this morning is expected to scoot eastward under that big high pressure system today before moving up the Atlantic coast starting tomorrow.

The rain is expected to begin after midnight Saturday. It will likely turn to snow, yes snow, Sunday morning. In the city the snow will change back to rain later in the day on Sunday. Two to four inches of rain are possible. North and west of the city the snow will stay snow. It'll be windy with gusts of 40-50 miles an hour. There's a good chance the storm will stall a little bit south of the eastern end of Long Island, bringing days of rain and nights of snow, temperatures will remain in the 40s, before moving again on Wednesday.

Keep in mind that there is a bit of uncertainty with this storm. Nor'easters don't usually cover a large area. Should this storm moves up the coast a hundred miles further west than expected, and there are some indications that it might, the amount of rain and snow we get will be greatly reduced. We don't think that scenario will play out, but we will keep our eye on it.

Current surface weather map from Weather.com.