All you gullible sheep out there will glance at this photo and dismiss it as just a pizza box blowing in the wind, and that's fine. That's how you live your lives, head buried in the sand as the lizard people in The Syndicate tighten their greasy grip around your complacent throats! But the Mutual UFO Network knows better. A photographer shooting lower Manhattan from The New Museum recently snapped several shots of this mysterious, diamond shaped UFO in the air near the World Trade Center site, and he or she wants to believe. On the UFO sighting message board, this person writes:

The event occurred last Saturday 9-17-2011. In the early afternoon. I was taking digital photographs from the roof terrace of the new Museum located on Bowery in Manhattan's Lower East Side. I was shooting a series of images of the downtown Manhattan skyline to get some pictures of the Freedom tower construction.

Because I had no tripod I was shooting at a very fast exposure rate 1/500th of a second. In addition I was shooting in continuous mode at a frame rate of about 4 Frames per second. I took my pictures and left the location. Last night upon looking at the images, I noticed a diamond shaped object moving very close to the horizon in four frames of my images.

On closer inspection I noticed what appeared to be regular markings and windows on the craft. I had to be moving at an incredible rate of speed for it to have moved as far as it did give the frame rate it was captured at. It seems to be faintly emitting both blue and red light from the openings on its back area. A helicopter was also present in the nearby vicinity. At first I thought it was a flag or something, but soon realized there was no flag pole and from frame to frame it's shape stays regular. I'm hoping an expert in this type of thing can help me to rule out any other possible explanations for what they think this might be.

The Examiner (ahem) reports that New York State is a current UFO ALERT 3 rating, with a high number of UFO sightings nationally. New York had 46 reports in August 2011, the 5th highest reporting state. The last time we recall this happening was in Williamsburg, so it seems the aliens, having tired of probing hipsters, are now more interested in studying how our pitiful government wastes billions of dollars. We wish them luck, and hope they know not to get caught taking photos! [Via Bowery Boogie]