The Upper East Side woman who tortured and suffocated her boyfriend two years ago was sentenced yesterday to 17 years to life for the torture killing. Raquel Glenn, 55, insisted for years that voices in her head commanded her to kill handyman Chiwa (Freeman) Chan, but prosecutors told the court the real reason all along had been greed: "The (state-appointed) psychiatrist was of the opinion the defendant committed this crime, not because of any psychiatric condition, but because she was angry at her current circumstances without any money and without any prospects of getting any—and she took that anger out on Freeman," said Assistant District Attorney Michelle Kaminsky.

Chan was found chained to a chair in his Bensonhearst home in the summer of 2008, his head covered with a plastic bag and duct tape, and several stab wounds in his chest and neck (a scene eerily reminiscent of another recent murder). According to officials, Glenn was a party girl used to the lavish lifestyle; she convinced one boyfriend to set up a trust fund for her with $100,000, which she then burned through. She checked into the psych ward at NYU Medical Center in 2006, claiming to be suicidal (though prosecutors allege she just had nowhere to go), and was transferred to Lenox Hill Hospital's psych ward; like in so many Hollywood romances, she met Chan there, who was being treated for bi-polar disorder.

Chan, 45, invited her to live with him, but she soon began resenting his working-class lifestyle: "The defendant in her psych interview talked about this with contempt, how she had never been with a blue collar worker and her disappointment at ending up in the bowels of Brooklyn, coming from the upper East Side of Manhattan," Kaminsky said. She strong-armed him into taking out a $50,000 home equity loan, and continued her lavish life, frequenting swanky salons and restaurants. He finally asked her to leave in August 2008, when he could no longer afford her lifestyle.