It's explosion porn: The NY Post has video of the East 62nd townhouse explosion. The footage, which is being examined by investigators, is from a surveillance tape across the street, and you can see Parks employee Jennifer Panicali walking on the sidewalk before a big cloud of smoke appears. The Post has the play-by-play of the video as well ("She's in the middle of the street, dazed in a sea of rubble. Someone rushes to her side and tries to help her. It looks like he tries to lift her.") and says the street will reopen next Monday.

The owner of the now-leveled townhouse at 34 East 62nd Street, Dr. Nicholas Bartha, is still at Cornell Weill Medical Center in a medically induced coma. While Bartha is suspected of blowing the building up in a suicide-and-revenge attempt (revenge because he was being forced to sell the house to pay a $4 million divorce settlement) and raged against his ex-wife and daughters in a suicide email, his ex-wife and a daughter visited him in the hospital yesterday.