Upper East Side NIMBYs are now invoking Vision Zero as their latest offensive against a dreaded waste transfer station, saying that garbage trucks rumbling into and out of the site are going to endanger pedestrians around a nearby recreation center.

A study conducted by Asphalt Green—a non-profit athletic facility staunchly against the station—posits that the intended delivery route will be a death trap for the 400,000 children who traverse the intersection of York Avenue and 91st Street, who will have to fight for space with the 40,000 garbage trucks trundling toward the plant, the Post reports.

“This is just not reconcilable with Vision Zero,” Asphalt Green Chairman Andy Nussbaum told the tabloid. “If it were really about equity, what about the kids? How much risk and danger should they be exposed to?”

“The Department of Sanitation believes it can operate safely at 91st Street,” Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia said in a statement.

The study also found that garbage trucks caused 26 deaths across the city in the last five years, a fact its authors say doesn't bode well for the many pedestrians populating the intersection—over a 90-minute period, approximately 650 people walked across.

Nussbaum said the problem could be solved by moving the ramp a block north to 92nd Street, though the city doesn't currently intend to adjust its plans. What the NIMBYs really want, though, is to have the station burned to the ground, preferring instead to ship the city's trash to New Jersey.