Some details about the arrests of two brothers accused of being involved in the murder of 90-year-old Holocaust survivor Felix Brinkmann. Apparently cops found Aljulah and Hasib Cutts through phone records of already-arrested suspect Angela Murray. It's believed that Aljulah Cutts (pictured) accompanied Murray into Brinkmann's Upper East Side apartment while Hasib Cutts waited in a car outside. According to the Daily News, "Murray's jailed boyfriend apparently hooked her up with the Cutts brothers after she identified Brinkmann as an wealthy and easy mark, sources said.
But Murray and Aljulah Cutts were stunned by 'what a tough old guy he was'" a police source said. It was unclear if Brinkmann was choked to death manually or accidentally asphyxiated during the robbery." The source added that Aljulah Cutts allegedly said "he didn't mean to kill Brinkmann, it was an accident." Brinkmann's beaten and bound body was found in his apartment by a super (cause of death was asphyxiation) and one of his safes as well as ID and tax forms were found in Murray's apartment.