News of free, MSG-laden grilled chicken appears to have found its way into a Queens slaughterhouse, where one cow decided that all she had was one shot to make a run for it and somehow escaped onto the streets of Jamaica, Queens. After being loose for around an hour, the NYPD's Mounted Unit was called in and a trailer normally used for horses brought in to corral her. Initial reports were that she was being taken back to the slaughterhouse, it turns out that she'll be spared and likely brought upstate to Farm Sanctuary. A police spokeswoman told Daily Intel, "We always think that once they've escaped, they've earned the right to go free."

Today was certainly not the first time a farm animal mysteriously found its way onto our streets. Luckily today's cow was corralled peacefully, as opposed to Queenie in 2000, who had to be cornered in a playground and shot with a tranquilizer gun. Previously we've also had:

  • Lucky Lady, the lamb who ended up being an unsuspecting model for cops who discovered her and began taking cell phone pictures with her
  • Denny, the pygmy goat who dashed through the Bronx in his slaughterhouse escape
  • A cow who ran for nearly two miles in Queens with onlookers chanting at it, "Attica! Attica!"
  • And just a few months ago, a bull who was chased through the streets by an urban cowboy, running all the way to Woodhaven but sadly wasn't able to make it to safe haven as well

Richard Gentles, spokesman for the city’s Animal Care and Control agency, said that the cow was held in a Brooklyn shelter for the afternoon in case any would-be tipper came in with information on her origins. He told the Times, “Well, somebody can come and claim her, but in our experience, nobody has come forward in the past and asked to claim their cow. We haven’t gotten any calls that someone is missing their cow.