Uber is now offering $10 carpool rides in Manhattan. Rest in forever peace, yellow cabs—we'll miss you.

The all-powerful e-hail app made the announcement today, via a press release on their website. Riders who hail an Uber using the company's uberPOOL application will score a ride for a $10 max, provided that ride originates and ends in Manhattan below 96th Street. Though uberPOOL is a carpool ride, the $10-and-under fare will apply whether or not you match up with someone.

Uber says they're debuting the $10 carpool plan to "help reduce congestion in our city," which is probably partially true. But offering super-cheap rides in Manhattan is also a sure-fire way to take business away from yellow cabs, who are more plentiful in the Big Island than they are in the outer boroughs. And considering that TLC data shows taxi trips plunging about 15 percent from April 2012 to April 2015—a decline some officials are chalking up to the proliferation of services like Uber—this could spell more trouble for the market.

It's also noteworthy that there's a bill bouncing around City Council right now that proposes putting a temporary cap on for-hire-vehicles like the ones in Uber's fleet. Offering more carpools could be a good way to skirt such a cap and keep business booming, even with fewer cars on the road.

Ah well, only time will tell. Uber says the $10 deal is only available for a limited time, but it'll certainly come in handy for this weekend's dystopian subway nightmare.