A former Uber driver allegedly used his vehicle to make heroin deliveries around the city, according to prosecutors.

Driver José del Rosario Fernandez, 31, has been charged with multiple counts of conspiracy and possession of a controlled substance for allegedly ferrying kilos of heroin and other drug traffickers last year.

Prosecutors said that Fernandez drove a black Toyota Highlander, which had been registered to him and which he used as his Uber vehicle. According to the NY Post, Fernandez took "calls from his drug bosses while ferrying unsuspecting fares" between January and December 2015, making deliveries to high-level dealers. That included one trip during which Fernandez allegedly picked up $2.5 million worth of drugs in Middle Village in Queens.

After a wire tap investigation by a DEA task force, he was arrested on March 25th near his home in Hudson Heights in upper Manhattan. Uber told the Post that Fernandez was a registered Uber driver until May 2015, but they told us that, "this individual completed his last trip on the Uber platform prior to the time of this incident."

This isn't the first time an Uber car has allegedly been used for drug trafficking: a convicted drug dealer was caught transporting kilos of heroin to a luxury Southeast Baltimore apartment building in an Uber cab in February. And a Boston man said he was an Uber driver when he was found with a pound and a half of heroin hidden inside a box in the back of his Subaru in January.

Also, it seems that heroin is a popular subject of discussion—and occasionally use—in Uber cars: