The defense has rested in the trial of Dharun Ravi, the former Rutgers student charged with multiple counts of invasion of privacy, bias intimidation and hindering apprehension. Ravi, who faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted, did not testify.

In September 2010, Ravi had set up a webcam in the dorm room he shared with roommate Tyler Clementi and and viewed Clementi and Clementi's guest during intimate encounters, sometimes sharing a link to view the livestream via Twitter. Clementi killed himself by jumping off the George Washington Bridge the day after the third time he was filmed. While prosecutors have portrayed Ravi as homophobic, his lawyer and the witnesses speaking on his behalf said he was not homophobic, instead claiming he was simply acting immaturely.

However, in one instant message to a friend, Ravi said he set up his webcam to "keep the gays away." Ravi's attorney says his client was concerned with his personal property, since Clementi's guest looked "scruffy."

The Star-Ledger reports, "Both sides will give their closing statements Tuesday morning, starting with Ravi's lawyer, Steve Altman. Superior Court Judge Glenn Berman released the jury shortly before noon today. Berman will charge the 15-member jury after closing statements."

A long feature in the New Yorker about the case depicted Ravi as, essentially, a socially-maladroit dork. Clementi said online before the final instance where his private encounter was filmed, "I feel like the only thing the school might do is find me another roommate, probably with me moving out ... and i’d probably just end up with somebody worse than him... I mean aside from being an asshole from time to time, he’s a pretty decent roommate."