Dharun Ravi, who was charged with invasion of privacy, bias intimidation and numerous other counts after his Rutgers University roommate Tyler Clementi killed himself, refused to take a plea deal today. Ravi's lawyer said, “Simple answer, simple principle. He’s innocent. He’s not guilty. That’s why he rejected the plea.”

Ravi allegedly turned on his webcam and spied on Clementi kissing and embracing another man in their dorm room; he also Tweeted about seeing his roommate "making out with a dude." Ravi had tried to dismiss charges, pointing out that Ravi apologized to Clementi via text, "I’ve known you were gay and I have no problem with it. I don’t want your freshman year to be ruined because of a petty misunderstanding, it’s adding to my guilt." But Clementi jumped off the George Washington Bridge to his death.

Prosecutors would have offered him probation, plus 600 hours of community service, counseling on cyber-bullying and alternative lifestyles, in exchange for pleading "guilty to one count of bias intimidation and several counts of invasion of privacy" as well as disposing of information about the other man. Additionally, the state would have tried to help him avoid deportation (Ravi is an Indian citizen). Ravi's friend, Molly Wei, agreed to a plea deal and to testify against Ravi.

The trial will begin on February 21.