Molly Wei, one of the former Rutgers University first year students accused of invasion of privacy for watching Tyler Clementi's same-sex encounter online that later led to Clementi killing himself, was accepted into a pre-trial intervention program that might eventually lead all charges against being dismissed. However, the Star-Ledger points out, "One of the conditions of the agreement, however, will require Wei to testify against her co-defendant," Dharun Ravi, who was Clementi's roommate.

Wei, who pleaded not guilty, will also have to perform 300 hours of community service and "undergo counseling for cyberbullying and dealing with people with alternative lifestyles." Her lawyer said, "Molly Wei is not a bully. She has cooperated from the beginning and will continue to cooperate with the investigation and the prosecutor’s office," and, "Molly Wei was unfortunately brought into this. Whether there’s some good that comes out of this for the country in terms of bullying, anti-homophobia, that’s fine. But Molly Wei should not be the poster child for this."

Ravi allegedly broadcast Clementi's encounter online and even Tweeted about it, encouraging people to watch, though it's unclear whether others watched the feed. Clementi, an 18-year-old from Ridgewood, NJ, killed himself by jumping from the George Washington Bridge.

Clementi's parents spoke after the court hearing, saying NJ prosecutors had asked them if they would be comfortable with Wei entering PTI. The Clementis did, and Joe Clementi said, "Actions have consequences. We hope (after going through the program) Ms. Wei will become a better person and show kindness to people.... We are committed to do what we can to enforce the calls for compassion and respect for human dignity that have been made in response to Tyler’s experience."