The hearings to determine the Transport Workers' Union fine from the three day transit strike is just full of (weird) new tidbits. The TWU has been arguing that paying a $3 million fine, plus not receiving its union members' dues automatically each paycheck, would ruin them. The MTA says that the TWU's 80 West End Avenue headquarters are worth $39 million - and TWU treasurer Ed Watt said that there was an offer on it for $60 million! The MTA's lawyer also suggested that union members pay their dues by PayPal, but TWU President and soon-to-be jailbird (lest he appeals) Roger Toussaint says that it's unlikely all of the union's members would voluntarily pay dues. Yeah, no one really likes dues. The judge is expect to rule on Monday.

Random fun fact: Toussaint could get 30% reduction in jail time for good behavior! That would mean just a week in jail.