When at first you don't get the vote you're looking for by just seven votes, you vote again! At least, that's the strategy the embattled head of the Transport Workers Union is taking. Roger Toussaint wants the TWU members to revote on the contract they rejected in January. This is now an option after it seems like the MTA will be unwilling to negotiate, edging them to close to the scariness of arbitration (dunh dunh DUNH!). The only issue is the fact that the MTA took that offer - 10.5% in raises over three years, plus paying 1.5% of salaries towards healthcare, complete with Pataki-hating pension-refund - off the table. Toussaint is betting on the fact that members are tired of being without a contract (we think they are being docked pay from strike-related fines right now), and some pundits think the MTA will take the deal and pay the pension refund in case the state balks. Let's just hope the MTA starts working on the next contract now.