The Transport Workers Union is having its members re-vote on the striked-for contract that was ultimately rejected in January, but there are still some TWU members who want workers to reject the contract again. According to the NY Times, the dissidents claim that a revote "undermines the union democracy" but the TWU's stance has been that some workers misunderstood (or were deliberately mislead) about what the contract included. Overall, the TWU has been trying to rally support for a revote that supports the contract because they'd most likely get a bad deal in binding arbitration, and an explanation about the 1.5% sticking point about members now contributing to their medical gets a huge typeface on the TWU website. Of course, the MTA says that the old, rejected contract isn't even on the table anymore, but Gothamist imagines that if the union were to vote yes, the MTA would have to come around in some way, or else be spun as unreasonable by all sides.

And in a Brooklyn court today, a judge will determine fines for the TWU's leadership.

Gothamist on the transit strike and post-transit strike dealings.