2005_12_brklynsupremecourt.jpgDunh dunh dunh? The Transport Workers Union's Roger Toussaint met with a mediator this afternoon, but in the meantime, according to the NY Times, "Justice Theodore T. Jones of State Supreme Court in Brooklyn raised the possibility of jail terms for top officials of the Transport Workers Union and ordered them to appear in his courtroom for a hearing at 11 a.m. on Thursday." Basically, jail would be because the union leaders had not called off the strike. Will there be a transit-filled Christmas weekend? Hundreds of transport workers crossed the picket lines yesterday, to get assignments from the MTA, which isn't much given the TWU's 33,000+ membership, but still [The NY Times also spoke to workers with mixed feelings]

Gothamist wonders if there is a resolution soon whether or not the transit workers will have to pay the huge fines - at this rate, they each owe $75,000 - the government threatened; their curret fine is one day's lost wages per day they strike, not to mention the lost pay for the day they are striking. More about the Taylor law from the Daily News and NY Times. And other local unions are being fined as well.