Two inmates imprisoned for shooting a cabbie nearly two decades ago had their convictions overturned yesterday—but they can't be released yet because Rikers Island doesn't have enough ankle bracelet monitors available!

Eric Glisson, 37, and Cathy Watkins, 44, were convicted in 1997 of fatally shooting cab driver Baithe Diop in the Bronx two years prior, during a spate of deadly cab robberies throughout the city. But an investigator with the US Attorney's office in Manhattan uncovered evidence that the real shooters were gang members Gilbert Vega and Jose Rodriguez, and Glisson and Watkins filed to have their convictions overturned in August. Their convictions were vacated yesterday morning in the Bronx, but as per the terms of the court, they will both have to wear ankle bracelets to track their movements for the next 90 days.

The bracelets will not be available until at least next Wednesday, meaning that Glisson's daughter Cynthia Morales, who was born just a few weeks before her father went behind bars, will have to wait another five days to be reunited with him. "It's hard, you know, going to school and hearing other girls talk about their dad and the time they enjoyed together," Morales, 17, told the Post. "It's hard for me." Glisson and Watkins were among five people convicted for Diop's murder.